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Antivirus Microsoft 2013 software is a free antivirus offered by Microsoft and also known as Windows Security essentials. After completing a scan it will report your PC health in aspects of Viruses, File integrity, Registry condition, Hard Drive fragment status and more. First released in 2009 Antivirus Microsoft keeps updating on a weekly basis providing you with extensive protection from malware and viruses.

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It is important to know that Windows Security Essentials was never actually released by Microsoft. It is widely available for download from various third party sites, but it is hardly the genuine article. Antivirus Microsoft 2009 Security Essentials was announced for release by Microsoft, but it turned out that the program had some problems, so Microsoft didn’t let go of it. What is seen on many websites looks like the genuine article and the websites are designed to make this believable. Beware, because this installation will not work out well for your PC and the Microsoft operating system will most likely reject Antivirus Microsoft 2013, as it lacks the necessary Microsoft certification.

The Anti Virus 2009 Microsoft software that is offered by these third-party Internet sites is bogus software. Misleading advertising leads you to believe that your computer is thoroughly insfected with viruses, spyware and other malicious software. This is how it is installed and advertised. Once you’ve downloaded the supposedly free program, it scans your computer and comes up with a list of many different viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious software. Almost all of these are fake and don’t actually exist on your Microsoft operating system. You are then prompted with the option to remove all of this malicious software.

Often, with many of these website versions of Anti Virus 2009 Microsoft Security Essentials software, in order to “repair” and remove damaging software that may not even be there, you will have to pay for registration and license key. This is not how Microsoft Security Essentials was intended to be. The software was intended by Microsoft to be free. If you find that they have to pay for it, you probably didn’t get it from Microsoft.
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This being the case, the question still remains; can I still use Windows Security Essentials on my PC? The answer is yes. Microsoft currently has a version available which can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website. This version is indeed free and is the genuine software with Microsoft certification for Windows operating systems. The download is simple. When you get to the Microsoft website, find the download icon for Microsoft Security Essentials and click that icon. This will begin the installation process. The window will appear asking you if you wish to save or run the program.

Either way the program is saved, so it is recommended that you go ahead and click “run”. Now the main window for Microsoft Security Essentials will open up and indicates the status of your PC. A green icon in the window indicates a secure status. A yellow or orange icon in the window indicates the presence of mild to moderate threats. A red icon in the window indicates the presence of more severe threats to your PC such as, Trojans, viruses, spyware, and other severely malicious software with a high threat value. With the yellow or red icons alert me you to the presence of malicious software, choose full scan and then click “Scan now”. Microsoft Security Essentials will then quarantine and even delete malicious software found on your PC and Microsoft operating system. Anti Virus 2009 Microsoft software will not truly achieve this since it is more a scam that antivirus program.

It is important to remember that Microsoft Security Essentials should not be your primary antivirus software. It is best used as a backup to a more efficient third-party antivirus program like RKill. Some recommendations include Norton antivirus, McAfee antivirus, Panda Security, and Kaspersky antivirus. These are excellent programs that will protect your PC and Windows operating system from malicious software. The Microsoft antivirus program Microsoft Security Essentials will not conflict with these antivirus programs. It will simply be an excellent back up in the event that your primary antivirus software fails for any reason. Watch out for scams and make sure that you download the real Microsoft Security Essentials.

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WARNING! Antivirus Microsoft will not Fix damaged files already caused by Spyware and other malicious Software. Scan your PC to Fix and Replace corrupted files before installing an AntiVirus Microsoft! Download Now!